Performing an IFR flight : Taxiing

This article is the first part of a three part tutorial on the IFR flight. The whole tutorial will describe a full IFR flight with the use of ATC and autopilot on an Airbus A321.

This tutorial does not aim to explain the complete procedures to stick as close to reality but to provide sufficient information for a successful IFR flight.
The first part is devoted to taxiing, ie whet you need to know to reach the runway.

Although it is possible to get in an aircraft already located ont the runway, it is possible to start a flight from a parking area.

FSX tutorial-IFR Flight-Taxi
To illustrate this tutorial, create an IFR flight from Paris to Nice. The flight must begin on a parking area of the Charles de Gaule airport.

Taxiing is a simple step which can let us familiarizing with ATC.

You'll have to communicate with the ATC to :

  • request permission for your IFR flight
  • request the taxi clearance to leave the parking area to reach the runway
  • request permission to take off to enter the runway and take off
Let's begining the flight !

- Open the ATC menu
- Select  Tune Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle Ground on 118.100 
By choosing this option, your COM1 frequency is automatically set on 118.100.

- Select  Request IFR Clearance 
What you should know with ATC is that you'll need to confirm each communication you receive from ATC.

So when the ATC confirm your IFR clearance
- Select  Acknowledge IFR Clearance 

With the IFR Clearance, the ATC inficates you the first altitude to reach after takeoff. It's 13000 for my flight.
We can set now this altitude on the autopilot for later, so select the altitude 13,000 with the rotary knob the autopilot altitude.
FSX tutorial-IFR Flight-Taxi

We will join the runway. In the ATC menu, select Request Taxi...
Don't panic by reading the response, ATC indicates you the path to joint the runway Just confirm the message.

Sometimes, because of the poisition of your plane, you'll have to move back the plane. Release the brakes and ask for a pushback by pressing the [SHIFT+P] key. The plane will move back and use 1 or 2 to turn tail right or left. Press again the [ Shift + P ] to stop the pushback.

Now, the simplest way to find the path to the runway is to select  Turn on progressive Taxi 
Yellow arrows appears along the route. Just follow them by using the ruddler to turn the plane.
FSX tutorial-IFR Flight-Taxi

Don't exceed 30 knots in a straight line and around 10 knots (depending on the angle of the turn).

FSX tutorial-IFR Flight-Taxi

Stop before you entering the runway.

Next step: the takeoff !!

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