Setting a direct route into the GPS

Rather than go through the flight organizer, you can enter a new route directly from the GPS.
Once in your plane, you can enter a new GPS route. It can be an airport or a point of intersection (VOR, ...). You can select it from its indicatif or its name.

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Before detailing the procedure, I will make a brief aside on the handling of GPS. The main button you will use on this instrument is the button PUSH CRSCR.  It has 2 knobs (I name small and great in the rest of this article) and had a clickable button center.

Pressing the button PUSH CRSR will set the GPS input mode on the selected area. The 2 knobs are used to select the active area or perform data entry. The explanation perhaps does not quite clear but you'll use it very simple and the principle remains the same whatever the manipulations that you want to perform on the GPS.
The data entered will be validated using the button ENT .

Back to our itinerary. To illustrate this tutorial I will try to reach the airport of Nice. Entering a new route is using the D button (Direct). The GPS will give you the most direct route (straight line) to the airport.

A window opens in the GPS. The latter will be used to identify your destination.

From this window you can either enter the code for your destination is his name. The first line is used to enter the area code and the second for the name.

To complete your entry, you have 2 options:
- How fast the keyboard
- The realistic way using the buttons on the GPS. The large button is used to move to the next letter. The small button serves to select the letter.

Once your destination is identified, press ENT to confirm your entry. The word Activate appears in the bottom right of the GPS.

Press again ENT . The route to your destination is now used by your GPS. The route is represented by a purple line that runs from your plane represented by the white plane in the middle of the GPS screen.

Once established route of new information appears at the top of the GPS:

  • DTK: The Way Forward 
  • TRK: the road that your aircraft is currently
  • DIS: distance to your destination

    To reach your destination, you simply direct the aircraft to have this line right before the plane. You can also use the autopilot (GPS mode), the latter will own the road defined in the GPS.

    Flight Simulator X Tutorial - Setting a direct route into the GPS - FSX - GPS - tutorial


    1. Great! Finally I can go to my destination without problems!

    2. Great! Finally I can go to my destination without problems!

    3. Great tutorial! It also works in the small airplanes' gps.

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