Bug on lesson 2 : ILS approach

In the series pilot courses navigating instruments Rob Machado, there is a bug lesson 2: ILS approach.

So you just land on the runway and think you have finished with this lesson, the instructor will demand increase gasses then interrupts the lesson. Although the purpose of the lesson was conducted namely land using ILS, it is always frustrating to see a fully independent reset especially because of our desire. A bug !

This one can be fixed by changing a file used by this lesson.

- go to the installation directory and then in the FSX directory Lessons\instr

Example for installation in the default directory, the corresponding directory is
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Lessons\instr

- Using notepad (or any other text editor ...) open the file Lesson 2.abl
- Find the line containing the text if (cpOffice.Marker <> 0) then
Note that there are other references to the text cpOffice.Marker <> 0. The true line is in the block
case CaseFinal2:
Writeln ("CaseFinal2");
Writeln (fn1Str1Num("Marker = ",cpOffice.Marker));
if (cpOffice.Marker <> 0) then
fnSQ_Play("I2-33"); // There's the middle marker captian

- Replace the content of the line with if ((VHFNAV1.DMEDistance < 2.5) or (cpOffice.Marker <> 0)) then
- Save the file.

You can now complete this lesson with all the compliments of the instructor.

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